Santorum Comments on President Obama’s Policy Change Towards Cuba

Santorum Comments on President Obama's Policy Change Towards Cuba

Verona, PA – Former U.S. Senator, former Presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement regarding the United States policy change towards Cuba:

Senator Santorum said, “I am pleased that Alan Gross has been released and able to return safely home, but I am extremely concerned with how his release was negotiated. Over and over again, President Obama’s foreign policy actions have proven reckless and not in our nation’s best interest.”

“I oppose normalizing trade with Cuba. I’ve been 100% in support of the right to a free Cuba, but the U.S. should stand on the side of the Cuban people, not with their despotic leader who is reigning terror there. President Obama has foolishly rewarded this behavior with his actions today. Liberalizing our trade and travel policies with Cuba sends the wrong message at the wrong time,” Santorum concluded.

Poll shows Democrats are beating a dead horse with their ‘torture report’

Poll shows Democrats are beating a dead horse with their 'torture report'

In a previous article, I explained how Rick Santorum’s position on torture of terrorists for the purpose of stopping terrorist acts that may result in mass murder is morally justified. Do the American people support that position? According to polls, both recent and old, the answer is yes.

The Daily Caller offers an overview of polling from 2004 up until a recent poll taken after the Senate Democrats’ release of the so-called “torture report.” The results of this polling indicate that Democrats are beating a dead horse.

48 percent of Americans believe that the use of torture against terrorists who might know about is always or sometimes justified. Another 18 percent believe that it is rarely justified, but only 24 percent of Americans believe it is never justified. (Another 11 percent weren’t sure).

Not only are Americans okay with it, their support for it is growing, not slipping.

A series of Pew polls likewise found that Americans’ views on torture have slowly shifted since President George W. Bush left office. Only 42 percent of Americans said torture was often or sometimes justified in 2004, compared to 53 percent in 2011.

In Rick Santorum’s position, we find that it is not only morally justified but that it also has the support of the American people.

Meanwhile, Islamists are beheading Christian children and stoning homosexuals.

It is important to take sides here. Let us not be confused about whose side we should be on.

ISIS announces judgment of "Allah’s command" for execution of homosexual

ISIS announces judgment of “Allah’s command” for execution of homosexual

America still has a moral conscience. May the Lord continue to guide us as we go forward in seeking His will in defense of life, peace and justice.