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Israeli Jew Jordan Brunner: Christian anger toward Ted Cruz is righteous

by Lisa Graas on September 16, 2014

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Some have asked why we’re still talking about this. The reason is that Ted Cruz should be exposed for what he has done and he owes an apology to the people he smeared at the In Defense of Christians summit. Until he apologizes, he won’t be forgiven. I don’t expect an apology, so eventually I will stop writing about this and continue to be done with Ted Cruz as far as consideration for president.

Israeli Jew Jordan Brunner writes:

Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t helping us move forward in our foreign relations. If anything, he is moving us backwards. Recently, the fiery Republican from Texas attended a posh gala that was organized around the plight of Middle Eastern Christians. Cruz made the comment that “Christians have no greater ally than Israel.” He was then booed off stage.

Perhaps this was justified; in fact, this might be the most misguided comment that Ted Cruz has ever made, which is really saying something. It demonstrates his lack of knowledge about Israel and its situation in the Middle East. He was trying to defend Israel and support the beleaguered Middle Eastern Christians in the countries of Iraq and Syria. For that, I laud him, especially since I am an American Jew myself. However, he went about it the wrong way by concentrating on religion.

Brunner doesn’t mention Zionism. Instead, he focuses on the importance of understanding the anti-Muslim element in the Cruz argument. That is something I agree with Brunner on, but mainly, my concern with Cruz’s remarks is that he insisted on a religious viewpoint that people in the room simply could not agree with him on. Copts, Catholics and Orthodox can love and support Israel as a Jewish state, but we simply cannot pledge allegiance to that. It would be Zionist and, theologically, that is too much to ask.

While Brunner argues that Muslims are actually greater friends to Christians in Muslim countries (which is true), he goes the extra mile of adding information about Jewish animosity toward Christians in Israel. I’d rather not focus on that. Ultimately, I can and should live with and support a Jewish state, while remaining theologically anti-Zionist, but highlighting oppression of Christians in Israel is, in my view, just as counter-productive as highlighting similar types of oppression by Muslims through Sharia Law.

I support Israel as it is today, but demanding that we all be Zionists or else be labeled as “anti-Jewish” is futile and drives resentment. The less resentment, the better.

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