Santorum’s economic message much bigger than the coal issue

RICK-SANTORUMI was quite perplexed by this Politico headline in an article by Danny Vinik about Rick Santorum: Can Santorum bring back coal jobs?

Perhaps Vinik watched his speech but clearly he wasn’t really listening. Rick Santorum did not pledge to bring back coal jobs. His reference to coal was historical and was in regard to an overall philosophy about what has traditionally made America great.  He said that his coal-mining grandfather did not come to America for “this” (holding up a chunk of coal) but instead came for “this” (holding up an American flag.)

As the daughter of a Kentucky coal miner who worked hard to put food on the table to feed his wife and six kids, I understood the coal reference completely. It’s not about “coal.” It’s about work and its relationship to freedom in America, particularly the economic freedom of the average worker. America is made great through opportunities available to hard-working citizens so that they can hope to support their families with their earnings. Santorum pointed to coal as an example in his family. His overall plan emphasizes energy independence, which includes but is not limited to coal, and its relationship to manufacturing jobs.

Can Santorum bring back coal jobs? Maybe and maybe not, but that’s not the point he was making. The point is about reducing regulations on energy for the purpose of growing manufacturing in America so that families can afford to support their children.


Rick Santoroum disagrees with Rand Paul’s claim that America created ISIS

Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum

It appears that Rand Paul is going to be running on his father’s philosophy that Islamic terrorism is America’s fault. Rick Santorum takes strong issue with this as reported at ABC News.

“ISIS didn’t come about because of … the arms that America left behind. ISIS came about because they hate everything that we believe in and we stand for,” Santorum added. “I think the idea that we accept now that this tripe from the left that it’s our fault that ISIS exists — go back to the thousand-year history of Muslim expansionism, and look at some of the horrible things that were done to spread radical Islam. That is not something that America had anything to do with.”

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Sen. Paul asserted GOP hawks “created” ISIS.

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Rick Santorum announces candidacy for president

Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has announced his candidacy for president. That makes my little Passionist heart go thumpety thumpety thump. Watch his full announcement speech at C-SPAN here.

I was at the doctor’s office when he announced, so I had to watch the re-play. He more than lived up to my expectations.

On a side note, he has promised me that I can come visit him after his 8 years in the White House so that I can listen to him tell all of his best White House stories. I very much look forward to that day, but most immediately, I am looking forward to an end to the long dark night that has fallen over the land through a lack of good-paying jobs and continued attacks on our basic freedoms. Rick Santorum has the message that I trust will most resonate with voters. Watch his announcement speech to see what I mean.

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